Middle Wing

Middle Wing

Middle Wing(VI - X)

Type of Assessment Percentage of weightage in academic session Month Term wise weigtage
Formative Assessment-1 10 percent April-May FA1 +FA2= 20
Formative Assessment -2 10 percent July-August  
Summative Assseesment-1 30 percent September SA-1 30
  Second Term    
Formative Assessment-3 10 percent October-November FA3 + FA4 = 20
Formative Assessment-4 10 percent January-Feburary  
Summative Assessment-2 30 percent March SA-2 30

Total: Formative Assessments(FA)= FA1+FA2+FA3+FA4=40 percent

Summative Assessment(SA) = SA1+ SA2 = 60 percent

1. There will be a worksheet based test on every friday in all subjects durnig the assesmnent months.

2. PSA(for IX) & ASL (English) Conducted as per CBSE specifications.